About Burgenland Bus

Burgenland Bus is a service provided by the bus rental company City Tours Austria which allows you to rent a bus without hassle. Burgenland Bus provides buses of every sizes for bus transfers in or to Burgenland, for bus excursions to Burgenland and for bus tours in Burgenland. City Tours acts as an intermediary between the customers and the bus companies and can find for you the perfect charter bus for your bus trip in or around the region of Burgenland in the shortest possible time thanks to its meticulous researches and its important network of partners in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.

How to contact Burgenland Bus?

You can reach the team of Burgenland Bus at the following e-mail address: or at this phone number +43 19 66 02 61. You can also write to:

Burgenland Bus by City Tours GmbH
c/o Ms Katarina Bachner
Rosaliagasse 19/6
A-1120 Vienna

Warning: if it is urgent we recommend you to call us because your email might be filtered out by our Anti-spam system. In that case, we can not read your request!

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